Billing Cycles

Sewer billings are separated into three cycles which are billed out quarterly at the end of their cycle as shown below and are due on the 15th of the following month. There is also a ten day grace period before interest is applied to each account. All metered accounts are billed with Cycle 3. The Municipal billings for Bucks County and Stockton are billed with Cycle 2.

Lambertville MUA Billing Table
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Cycle 1 Billing Period Dec 1-Feb 28 Mar 1-May 31 Jun 1-Aug 31 Sep 1-Nov 30
Due Mar 15 Jun 15 Sep 15 Dec 15
Cycle 2 Billing Period Oct 1-Dec 31 Jan 1-Mar 31 Apr 1-Jun 30 Jul 1-Sep 30
Due Jan 15 Apr 15 Jul 15 Oct 15
Cycle 2
Billing Period Nov 1-Jan 31 Feb 1-Apr 30 May 1-Jul 31 Aug 1-Oct 31
Due Feb 15 May 15 Aug 15 Nov 15

Cycle 1: Arnett, Buttonwood, Delaware Ave., Elm, George, N. Union, Perry

Cycle 2: Bridge, Canal, Church, Clinton, Coryell, Cottage, Crofton, Curley, Delevan, Douglas, Highland, Hillside, Jefferson, Lambert, Liberty View, Lincoln, McCready, Northfield, Overlook, Rivers Edge, Skillman, Stryker, Studdiford, Sturbridge, Washington, Waterford, Woodstream and York

Cycle 3: Alexander, Allen, Belvidere, Brunswick, Cherry, Cherry St. Shopping Center, Feeder, Ferry, N. Franklin, S. Franklin, Grant, Hancock, Jean, Jefferson Rd., McCready, N. Main, Quarry, Raritan Pointe, Rock Creek Woods, S. Main, S. Union, Swan and Wilson