Rules & Regulations

What To Do in the Event of a Sewage “Backup”

In spite of everyone’s best efforts, sewers and drains can become blocked from time to time. The LMUA is responsible only for main sewer lines-those that run under the street.
Homeowners are responsible for the lateral pipes that run from the street to inside their homes, as well as for pipes located inside the building. In the event of a blockage, call the LMUA immediately – at any time, day or night – so the main line can be checked by an LMUA representative as soon as possible. If the main line is not the problem, the LMUA representative may recommend that you contact a licensed plumber to inspect your pipes.

*The most common cause of backups is grease buildup Tree roots are another common cause.

When Selling Your Home

LMUA rules and regulations require property owners to have sump pump inspections prior to the closing of the sale of the property. Sump pump inspections take very little time (approximately five minutes) and cost nothing.

*To arrange an inspection, call the Administrative Assistant at 609-397-1496.