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2014 Tax Sale

Please be advised that  all 2014 delinquent sewer balances are subject to tax sale. The City of Lambertville’s Tax Collector has informed the Authority that the tax sale will be held October 22, 2015.  The sale of 2014 and prior year delinquent taxes and sewer will be sold through an on-line auction.

For a listing of all parcels, delinquencies and costs, please visit https://lambertville.newjerseytaxsale.com/ *Information can be viewed free of charge.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Lambertville Municipal Utilities Authority:
On May 10, 1954 at 8:00 pm, Mary E. Sheridan, City Clerk, passed an ordinance creating the Lambertville Sewerage Authority. The first meeting was held on October 28, 1953 at 7:30 pm in City Hall. The original members were: David Barnett, Chairman; William Affeld, Vice Chairman; Melvin Rickert, Secretary; Nelson Oblinger, Treasurer; Grace Leary, Assistant Secretary.

On April 7, 2009, LSA passed a resolution supporting participation in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification Program which seeks to optimize quality of life for its residents and from then on we became known as The Lambertville Municipal Utilities Authority. Located on the southwestern-most part of Lambertville, the Authority is a local government agency serving Lambertville, Stockton, New Hope and a portion of Solebury, PA.

As employees of the Lambertville Municipal Utility Authority, it is our commitment to maintain an environmentally conscience facility providing the community with the best service available at a reasonable cost.